Friday, February 2, 2007

Yangan - what is that other cemetery?

On Cemetery Road at Yangan, there appear to be two cemeteries. One has a sign saying it is the Anglican cemetery. The other has no sign and only a few headstones. What is this second cemetery? We are guessing it's a general cemetery, but one headstone did have a rosary hanging from it, so maybe it's a Catholic cemetery (there is a Catholic Church in Yangan).

Note. As well as the two cemeteries on Cemetery Road, there is also a Presbyterian cemetery behind the Presbyterian Church at Yangan.

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Ktish said...

Hi Kerrie

Yangan has 3 cemeteries. The Presbyterian, General, and Council. All taken from the Council's records. I was quite surprised and disappointed to see my cemetery transcriptions on your site without you even paying the courtesy of asking.